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It's been a long year with no updates.  With FPA:W3 on the way I figured it was time to get things moving again!  Updates will be posted here regularly.  Also our Youtube channel can now be found at

Gotta <3 Open Office! Just exported a slide show of them as an swf.  Enjoy!


Hey its my first post on the site.
I have just added a new feature that allows you to upload pictures right on the site. Hope you like it!!!



If you can complete the challenges you can get a special rank on the forum so join in now!


Yep. I made it. My god now I have 1.....2.....3.....4 sites to organize :P oh well RyGuy forced me!!!!!!!!!!


You can view maps from fpa 2 by going to the Map Packs on the left. Enjoy!


Check out our new forum at
Not much on it yet expect more later this week!





You can try out my quiz by going to the quiz link on the right.  It isn't directly on our site yet but we might get it working here in a few days.

edit-quicker than I expected, new on-site quiz! Enjoy :)


Chances are your pants are not as fancy as the pair
Of very fancy pants that Mr. Fancy Pants will wear
When everybody's marching in the fancy pants parade
He's gonna pass the test
He's gonna be the best
The best in terms of pants

You look in every catalog, you shop at every store
Cause even though you have a hundred pants you want some more
When suddenly you see the greatest pants you've ever seen
And even though you know
It's gonna cost a lot of dough
You have to have the world's best pants

Say a little prayer for Mr. Fancy Pants
The whole world knows
They're only clothes
And deep inside
He's sad

They make the big announcement and the trophy goes to you
You thought you had some fancy pants and now you know it's true
You look at Mr. Fancy Pants and hold the trophy high
Everybody cheers
While he's blinking back the tears
He doesn't even have the best pants

Say a little prayer for Mr. Fancy Pants
It's all he had
But don't feel bad
He'd do the same
To you


Hello everyone! I am Coldkick and new to Weebly so the site might not look to professional, the other person that you may see posting is Ry-Guy 16.  I created this site as a mirror of our original site: You can also check out our Youtube profile at