Fancy Pants Adventure: World 1

Level 1:  Head slightly to the right.  Jump on the spider to kill it. Collect the three squiglies.  Another spider is just ahead. Jump on it to kill it. Just a little farther to the right you will see a door surrounded by some rock.  We will get there later.  Keep heading to the right and you will find another spider and a spring platform. Jump on the spring platform and go towards the left., you will also collect two squiglies here. Keep moving to the left and jump onto the rock where the door is located.  Before you jump down into the hole collect the three squiglies on the side with the wall.. Jump down into the hole and enter the door.    You will fall from somewhere near the top of the level and be rewarded by twenty squiglies.  Move to the left and you will see a blue block.  Jump from right underneath it five times to get five squiglies.  Jump to the left onto the next platform and then onto the spring to get your first trophy. Fall back down to the ground and take the spring from earlier again but this time head to the right.  Just to the right will be another spider and a slope.  Start to go up the slope and then press jump just as your nearing the top.  You will land on a platform that has another spring platform.  Jump on it and you will be brought to another door.  Enter it.  You will be rewarded with another 20 squiglies.  Leave through the door.   Fall back down the way you came and  this time take the slope  over the top.  You will collect another twos squiglies.  BE CAREFUL!!! There is three spiders on the other side of the  slope.  Before you get to the bottom jump to start killing them. Head over to the right and you find two platforms. Jump up them onto then next higher ground.  Continue following the path over the first slope.  As you land switch the direction key from right to left.  Take the next slope and then switch back to moving to the right.  You will find four  ice platforms just jump up them to the top.  Take the slope to the left and then jump onto the platform.  Jump once again to the left and collect the two squiglies.  Continue to the left and you will see a box.  Jump into it.    You will fall to the bottom of a very tall area.   Just to your right you will see a strange pedistal that has on orange orb on it.  Walk up to it and sometext will start to roll.  Simply press jump to continue. Once it is done talking you must get out of the area before it floods with oil.  To do this  jump against the walls it indicates and quickly press jump again as you land on the wall. Not really much I can tell you here just follow the arrows.  Collect all of the squiglies.  Thats about it.    Now that your out of the box  you have unlocked the Wall Jump.  Anyway travel to the right and you will see a mouse with a gun.  The gun shoots out some scribbles.  Just time it correctly to kill him.   Jump down the hole behind him.   Continue a few steps to the right and enter the door.   Whenyou drop into the next room you can collect  two squiglies to your left and four to your right.  Continue to the right and you will see some sliding ice blocks.  You have to time your jumps correctly .  Collect the four squiglies in the ice block area and the four directly above them .  Jump on the spring platform to the left of the squiglies.  Move to the right and collect the two squiglies and then collect the four squiglies to the left. Enter the door.

Level 2: Run to the right and go up the slope.  You will collect three squiglies .  You should land on the spring platform.  If you don't all the better.  It just makes it easier to get the squiglies next to the spring platform.   Jump to the area either below you (if you hit the spring) or to the right of you (if you missed it) and kill the spider.  Collect the squiglies and  go backup by the spring platform.  Now on top  of the platform jump to the left and collect the lone squigly.  Head  back to the right and  jump onto the slope with the armor games sign post. Travel down it and kill the spider.  Head to the left and enter the door.  This is a timing puzzle, you must press jump at the right time to go to the next spring.  That's basically it. Collect all the squiglies.  At the end you will get another trophy.   As you  go through door be ready to jump because the spider is back and really close to you.  Head to the right and jump onto the spring platform.  Move to the right up the slope. As  you move be ready to jump when you see the block sticking out of the ground.  if you timed it good enough you will jump on the mouse.  Collect the two squiglies in this area then continue to the right.    After you go up the slope back to the right and jump onto the ground with the door. Collect the 5squiglies and enter the door.  In the next room do exactly what the hint says, keep holding jump but remember to steer Fancy Pants Man so that he hits the spiders directly from above.  When you reach the top you will find another trophy.  Drop down to the ground and leave through the door.  Go back towards the left and  up the platforms.  Be careful on the last platform because there is a spider above it.  Just use good timing to get the top and kill the spider.  Jump to the right onto platform and then onto the spring platform.  Jump to the right to collect another five squiglies.  Head to the left and take the spring platform. Head to the right  slowly and fall off lightly.  Keep traveling to right and you will fall into a hole that has a trophy in it. Collect it. Travel up the right side of the slope and you will land in front of a spring just to the right of you.  Jump onto it and collect the two squiglies. Jump over to the left and go to the spring platform. m,ove to the left and go through the door.  Collect the squigly to your left and the three to your right. Collect the two on the top of the steps.  Jump onto the moving platform and collect the two squiglies there.  Move to the right and collect the six  squiglies on the platforms. Continue moving to the right. Collect the two squigles at the top of the step and jump onto the moving platform.   When you collect the squigly jump to the next platform and you will catch the other one. When it gets to the other side jump off.  Collect the two squiglies and jump onto the spring platform.

Level 3:
 Jump to the left and collect the five squiglies.  Move to the right and kill the spider.  Carefully jump across the rocks and kill the spider on the other side.  Run to the  right and collect the squigly.  Jump down the trees and kill the spider. Keep moving to the right and collect the next two squiglies. Walk slowly all the way to the right and you will fall through the ground. Continue moving to the right and go through the door.  To solve this puzzle simply run up the walls and jump off of them so that you land on the spring platform with the number on it.  Do this and it will move higher but the number will be lower.  When it hits zero a trophy falls to the ground.  Collect the remaining squiglies.  Collect the trophy.  Leave the room through the door.  Head back up and out of the hidden area and climb up the platforms.  On the slope there is two spiders. In the hole belowthere is a spring platform. Jump up it and collect  the two squiglies.  Go over the top of the wall onto the platforms. Climb down.  Kill the spiders and collect all of the squiglies.  Jump over the rock walls  Some strange dragon/bird things will come down.  Just jump on them. Collect the two squiglies directly ahead.  Continue moving to the right and  fall down into the cavern. directly below the ledge is five squiglies.  Move to the right.  Just above  you and directly next to the hole is another five squiglies.  Jump to get them.  Jump into the hole.

Boss:  The boss in this game is fairly simple to beat.  You  enter the battle by falling on to a penguin while he was enjoying a nice sleep.......he does not like being disturbed.  Anyway the trick here is to run right up to a wall.  The penguin will charge at you.  Wait until the right time and jump over him.  He will run into the wall and get stuck.  Jump onto him and he will get hurt.  Repeat this three times and you have defeated him.